Chronicle Arts produces personal biography films that preserve the legacies of individuals, families and organizations.


Twenty five years on film sets have taught us that the greatest Hollywood illusion is authenticity and character. We believe in real people and honest stories.


About our Director: Chris

Bringing people's stories to life through the visual medium is truly my passion. After 25 years of working in the film business and traveling the world on film/print commercial and personal projects, it's the short documentary storytelling format that excites me the most. My journey began with a love of photography and grew into shooting and directing TV commercials, client direct media content, print campaigns and Telly Award winning short documentaries. I enjoy meeting and working with intriguing people and the collaborative process of discovering unique narratives.


About our Executive Producer: Lisa

I've been helping people tell their stories on film since 1996. As a TV commercial producer and production manager, I've traveled the globe with talented photographers and directors, efficiently and joyfully capturing stories for advertising campaigns as well as documentaries that have appeared at the esteemed HBO Full Frame Documentary Festival. I have worked on global advertising campaigns for: Aleve, Chase, Nike, RE/MAX, Nissan and many others. I will compassionately support you every step of the way during our filmmaking process and can partner with you before the shoot to turn your thoughts and memories into concise, compelling and memorable statements.